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Difference Between Dry Cleaning and Steam Cleaning

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For those who don’t know, professional carpet cleaners use two methods when cleaning carpets. The first one is dry cleaning. The second one is hot water extraction, commonly known as steam cleaning.  

As a homeowner, you probably invested a lot of money in your carpets. Because of this, you want to ensure you retain its original look as long as possible. To do this, you need to maintain your carpet regularly.  

Maintaining your carpet can also help improve the quality of air in your house.  

Whenever you hire Raleigh carpet cleaners, you have two options to choose from. You can either choose steam cleaning or dry cleaning. So, what is the difference between the two methods? 

Dry Carpet Cleaning 

Even though it is called Dry Carpet Cleaning, this method still utilizes water. However, it uses less water compared to steam cleaning.  

Just like steam cleaning, a professional carpet cleaner will: 

  • Vacuum your carpet to get rid of any surface dirt or dust.  
  • Apply a dry-cleaning solution of water and cleaning solvents. The solution is created to break down the fibers of your carpet. This helps get rid of any accumulation of residue that traps dirt in the fibers. This enables the dirt and grime to be extracted.  

Dry carpet cleaning utilizes a machine with rotating pads attached. These pads spin at high speed on the carpet to absorb dirt.  

Usually, manufacturers use absorbent cotton for the pads. They will soak them in a combination of conditioning solution and hot water. During the cleaning process, the cleaners will change the pads if they become dirty.  

Steam Carpet Cleaning 

Some professionals call it “Hot Water Extraction”. However, it’s commonly called steam carpet cleaning. It is a method that works by forcing hot water into the carpet with the help of a high-pressure jet spray. Then, the machine will vacuum out the water.  

Usually, this is done using either a portable machine or a truck-mounted machine. A professional carpet cleaner will: 

  • Vacuum the carpet to get rid of surface dirt and dust. 
  • Spot-treat any marks and stains using a cleaning agent. 
  • Utilize a pre-spray to soften the carpet’s surface tension. 

This enables the hot water to effectively penetrate the fibers of your carpet, allowing for a deeper clean.  

The drying time after this cleaning method will differ. However, you should expect a drying time of 6 to 8 hours if you have proper ventilation. 

Your professional carpet cleaner might not have extracted enough water during the process if your carpet takes longer than 1 day to dry.  

Steam Cleaning vs Dry Cleaning 

You can immediately use your carpet again if you use dry cleaning. Usually, it will be totally dry within several hours. If your carpet is located in a high-traffic area, this method is extremely useful.  

However, a lot of professionals suggest steam cleaning as the best method for prolonging the lifespan of your carpet.  

If you simply want general maintenance, dry cleaning is your best bet. However, if you want a thorough and deep carpet cleaning, you should use steam cleaning. 

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How to Eliminate Paint Out of Your Carpet?

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Have you spilled paint on your carpet? Are your kids practicing their crafting skills on your new floor cover? You’re probably aware that rubbing it away will just make everything worse. So, what should you do? A paint spill on your carpet flooring may be the end of the world. However, you don’t have to worry because you can do some methods that can help eliminate the paint out. Listed below are some of the helpful tips that you can use to remove the paint out of your carpet flooring.? 

Know your acrylic paint vs. detergents 

When you’ve spilled acrylic paint, you have to apply a mixture of detergents. Begin by soaking your paint using a laundry detergent. After that, put acetone so that the paint will break down. Keep on adding a carpet cleaning solution and then use a scrub brush to start scrubbing the paint. You can eliminate the fluids using a wet vacuum, and keep on doing that as needed until the whole stain is completely removed. 

Eliminating water-based or latex paint 

These paint types are the easiest to eliminate when dried. You can begin by pouring over water on the stain. This will moisten the carpet and can help to loosen up the paint. After that, put some dishwasher detergent on the spill and then create a lather using a scrub brush.? 

Keep on doing this procedure until the stain is completely removed. A lot of water-based paints will then be eliminated after 2-3 times.? 

Eliminating wet stains 

If you clean a spilled paint sooner, it’ll be a lot simpler to do. As you deal with wet stains, soak up the paint gently using a thick paper towel or an absorbent cleaning cloth before it penetrates deeper into the fibers of your carpet.? 

Never try scrubbing your stained carpet since the paint will just smudge the paint all over and can be embedded into your flooring. After removing the excess paint, you can then treat the remaining stain as dried stan. Depending on the paint type spilled, you can then proceed to the next steps.? 

The difficulty of eliminating oil paint 

Get a knife and use it to remove excess paint. However, you need to be very careful while doing so to avoid damaging the carpet. On a white cloth, apply turpentine and then scrub the area gently. Then, you can rinse the cloth and apply it again from time to time.? 

Ask the help from the experts 

Lastly, carpet stains might be stubborn a challenging to eliminate on your own. Other paint types, such as spray paints and washable paints, are very hard to remove. If that’s the case, you need to enlist help from the expert and get a professional residential and?commercial carpet cleaning Seattle?so that they can have the persistent stains removed for you. 

It’s also essential to get your carpets cleaned professionally at least every 2 years to make sure that they’ll last longer.? 

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